Drone Threat Detection

Rogue drones and their pilots are detected thanks to their electromagnetic signatures. DroneInt locates the origin of the signals. It can work in multi target mode.
DroneInt still works in Wifi environment where friendly wifi coexist and are discriminated from malicious drone (very relevant when malicious fly in urban area)

Detection in a few seconds

Tracking and Identification

Once detected both drone and pilot are tracked by DroneInt's drone. The on-board video camera (Visible / IR) then identifies the author. DroneInt has an automatic tracking system.

Continuous target tracking

Drone Neutralization

As an optional feature DroneInt prevents the pilot from controlling its drone. The rogue drone receives an order to land or exit the area - depending on type of drones and regulation in each country-.

Take control of rogue drones

Fast and Easy Deployment

DroneInt is an integrated system including on-board sensorsmounted on a drone, a ground control station for vizualisation, configuration. Control can be done through standard tablets, or integrated in higher level command-control systems.



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